We manufacture a large percentage of what we sell in our store to ensure the highest standard of ingredients and quality control.

Our line of gluten and lactose free products are very extensive and if you do not see what you would like we can most likely prepare it for you, with a minimum required weight.

All of our smoked sausage line including hot dogs, smokies, ring sausage, all pepperoni, beef jerky, maple sticks totalling over 45 varieties are completely gluten free.

All of our homemade lunch meats: from our old fashioned vintage ham to turkey breast and summer sausage, over 30 varieties are all completely gluten free. We manufacture nitrate free roast beef, roast turkey, roast pork, baked meat loaf, and several other varieties available seasonally.

All of our seasoned or marinated meats are 100% gluten free, by mixing all spice blends in store starting with the freshest herbs and naturally blending them with seasoned oils, vinegars, and a wide array of fresh spices.

  • Prime and succulent Alberta Beef
  • Alberta finest lean fresh Pork
  • Free Range farm fresh Poultry
  • Free Range Turkeys
  • Locally raised Bison and Elk
  • Alberta Lamb and Veal
  • Wide assortment of Seafood, fresh and frozen